Advertising on Amazon: Q3 2019 CPC Report

Updated: October 16

Our report dives into the metrics to evaluate the latest trends in Amazon Advertising.


As the share of Amazon product page views coming from Sponsored ads has increased in the past year, so too has competition for brands to win valuable page real estate to attract customers. Indeed, it’s becoming more common for product search results to consist of nothing more than Sponsored ads in a full page view before having to scroll down to see the actual organic search results. In an effort to stay ahead of competitors like Facebook and Google who are ramping up their advertising efforts, Amazon’s continual and persistent innovation in their advertising business is creating tumultuous and ambiguous waters for advertisers, reinforcing the importance of using data and technology to influence strategy.

To measure ad performance, we’ve used Pacvue’s proprietary Amazon keyword tracking database to track ASINs from small, mid-sized and large advertisers and aggregate them across every major category on Amazon. Tracking Amazon Advertising data from Q3 2018 to Q3 2019, we set out to answer three main questions in putting together this report:

  • HOW do Sponsored Product Ads compare to Sponsored Brand Ads?
  • WHAT effect did Prime Day have on advertising?
  • WHAT are the trends with CPC, CTR and ACoS?

Download the Advertising on Amazon: Q3 2019 CPC Report to discover the key findings of our data analysis and what they mean for you.