Attracting the Right Talent for Your Digital Team

Updated: August 26

By guest author: Suzanne Crettol of Seasoned Executive Search


With the unemployment rate sitting at 3.7%, it’s significantly more difficult to attract talent.  What makes it even more challenging is the shortage of those with the skills and experience companies require.  A recent LinkedIn jobs search resulted in 486K+ job postings that include a digital component that most digital talent will not see.  Why?  Because in a candidates market, talent is passive and not looking for outside employment.  They may not be looking, but they can be persuaded. 

It takes a different approach in this type of climate, the post and pray mentality is ineffective and frustratingly inefficient.  Putting together an effective hiring strategy involves extra effort on the part of the hiring manager and HR department that is already overburdened in their day to day job responsibilities.  Seeking outside resources like a recruiting agency can help elevate some of this burden, but internal concessions still have to be made.  Candidates are looking for companies that offer possibilities and come through with creative and compelling offers – flexibility is key.  This is met with resistance in most large organizations as they are inflexible.  By making a concession for one person they will have to make concessions for everyone.  It’s interesting that the characteristics of digital talent include things like: nimble, agile, and comfortable with ambiguity.  However, many companies are regimented, standardized and overly structured.  These same companies excel at understanding their customer, but give minimal consideration to the needs of their current and future employees.

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