Get to Know Lowe’s One Roof Media Network

The following is a guest post by Criteo.

Launched in late 2021, Lowe's One Roof Media Network is one of the newer entrants in the retail media network landscape, and it offers innovative opportunities for brands and agencies to reach a highly sought-after audience in the home lifestyle segment.

Here’s a quick overview of the omnichannel advertising services you’ll find in the network’s portfolio.

Dreamers and Doers

The pandemic transformed consumers’ relationships with their homes, making a home more than just a place to live. This amplified the importance of the home goods consumer and made the landscape more competitive. As a result, brands were finding it more challenging to connect meaningfully and engage this growing and valuable audience.

Lowe’s launched its One Roof Media Network to bridge that gap and help brands reach do-it-yourself (DIY), do-it-for-me (DIFM), and pro shoppers searching for the perfect products among Lowe’s more than two million SKUs. Those audiences shop both online and in-store, and they use multiple platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram for inspiration, creating multiple opportunities for advertisers to connect.

Since the network launched, more than 100 brands, including Samsung, Kohler, and GE Lighting, a Savant company, are advertising with Lowe’s, in part because of the network’s impressive exposure and engagement figures:

The network also fulfills home lifestyle shopping experiences for events such as Spring Organizing and Cleaning, Father’s Day, Independence Day, Back-to-School, Labor Day, Fall Décor, end-of-year Holidays, and more

Investing in Innovation

Lowe’s One Roof Media Network has invested heavily in full-funnel retail media technology and services so it can offer advertisers the audience, data, reporting and attribution, and outcomes they demand. The results have been exciting for a retailer that reported 35 million online home lifestyle transactions in 2020 alone.

Innovation is also key to the retail media network’s value proposition. Its proprietary offerings captivate and inspire shoppers and provide retailers with additional data and media opportunities.

Lowe’s offers powerful solutions to help brands personalize omnichannel campaigns, including closed-loop measurement and attribution. The network makes it easy to access and activate the best data and insights. And they work with partners like Criteo and Pacvue to maximize advertising options and advance their technology. Criteo’s API partner program allows Lowe’s partners like Pacvue to tap into Lowe’s exclusive placement inventory, providing current and prospective advertisers access to premium inventory in their management platform of choice.

Lowe’s has also partnered with Criteo to offer sponsored ads and, more recently, search and browse, PDP, and homepage placements through Criteo’s retail media platform. Third-party partners can also access Lowe’s exclusive ad inventory, and brands have been impressed by the ROAS the partnership has delivered. One small appliance contender saw a phenomenal 1,000% ROAS from sponsored products campaigns on the network for some high-performing SKUs.

What’s in the One Roof Toolbox?

Lowe's One Roof Media Network offers a comprehensive, full-funnel suite of innovative advertising products and marketing and creative services powered by its rich customer data.

Brands can tap into:

Brands also get access to a team of partners and experts to help them build program strategies that meet their campaign objectives. Brands share objectives at the beginning of the relationship, and together with the Lowe's One Roof Media Network team, test and learn to optimize sales and results as quickly as possible.

Building for the Future

As Lowe’s One Roof Media Network and partners like Criteo and Pacvue evolve together, they will continue to develop new ways to connect brands to home lifestyle customers wherever they are in the inspiration and shopping journey.

By bringing together data-driven insights, foresight into consumer behaviors and home category trends, and customized advertising products under one roof, the Lowe’s network is a great option for driving relevancy and sales with the home lifestyle customer.

To learn more about advertising with Lowe's One Roof Media Network, schedule a call with Pacvue.

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