A day in the life of a Lead eCommerce Media Planner at a holding agency managing a major CPG brand.

The Importance of eCommerce to Your Lead eCommerce Media Planners

For modern retail businesses, eCommerce is a game changer. Lead Media Planners use eCommerce to reach new customers and broaden the reach of their brands. Plus, eCommerce is great at encouraging loyalty, as it helps brands connect (and reconnect) with their customers across high-traffic channels built for customer convenience.

This article details the specific responsibilities your eCommerce Media Planners tackle daily, the teams they work with most closely, and the metrics that matter most to them.

About the Role

Lead eCommerce Media Planners manage a media strategy team that oversees the media planning and buying for their clients’ eCommerce businesses with the primary goal of delivering the right ads in the right place at the right time. Their team is focused on eCommerce and Retail Media advertising, where a large portion of the company’s overarching budget is spent and continues to move, given the ever-changing online landscape.

Their day-to-day varies greatly, shifting from finding the top personas on Amazon for one of their brands to building a connected TV strategy for another brand.

This can include tasks such as:

Teams They Work With

Lead eCommerce Media Planners work closely with many departments, including your:

These regular collaborations not only help eCommerce Media Planners set up campaigns for success, but it gives them invaluable expertise that compounds over time.

The Top Metrics to Care Most About

Lead eCommerce Media Planners know that it’s essential to customize the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets based on their brand’s campaign goals. They focus on different KPIs for different brands and campaigns, but below are a few that regularly tops the list in terms of importance:

The Top Metrics Upper Management Cares About

As we’ve covered in previous articles in the series, influential eCommerce leaders manage down on the metric success with cross-functional teams and communicate up, reporting on crucial wins for upper management.

Key metrics, like revenue, profitability, market share, and incrementality, are essential for eCommerce Directors and their C-Suite leaders, but each role views these metrics differently.

Here’s a look at what metrics Lead eCommerce Media Planners report to their bosses:

How eCommerce Leaders Take Action to Drive Better Metrics

Lead eCommerce Media Planners and their teams are constantly testing and learning. They test new strategies on existing platforms, such as implementing new automation and/or AB testing various creative formats. Along with this, they’re often buying advertising through new retail partners to expand reach for each of their brands. This helps them grow sales efficiently and to find incrementality through new strategies.

How eCommerce Leaders Leverage Amazon DSP to Drive Incremental Sales

Lead eCommerce Media Planners use Amazon's Demand Side Platform to purchase and manage digital advertising campaigns across various channels, including display, video, and audio. They use DSP to target specific audiences, optimize ad delivery, and track performance metrics. Their teams leverage Amazon DSP audiences to boost incremental sales by utilizing its advanced targeting capabilities, such as audience segmentation and retargeting.  

They can also use these audiences to target existing customers to encourage loyalty or to cross-sell across their product portfolio. By utilizing Amazon DSP, Lead eCommerce Media Planners can ensure they're building a full-funnel campaign that will effectively reach their set goals.

How eCommerce Leaders Use Pacvue to Get Ahead

We’ve seen Lead eCommerce Media Planners using Pacvue leverage the following tools to meet their campaign goals, such as:

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