This article is a follow-up to our August 2020 blog post ‘New Exclusive Search Placements for Amazon Private Label Products’ detailing the release of the new “from our brands” placements that started appearing in Summer 2020.

As they become more disruptive in their promotion of Private Label products, having a robust paid search strategy is more critical than ever. In this blog, we’ll give updates and recommendations based on the status of Amazon Private Label Products and ad placements.

Current Search-Query Landscape for Brands Competing with Amazon Private Label Products

In some categories the search experience looks similar to what shoppers and advertisers are used to over the past year (see picture 1 for Top of Search experience in batteries category) – you start out with a Sponsored Brands ad type, which has been rolled out in the past year with several desktop and mobile experiences so it may look different by category. In what used to be Sponsored Products slot 1 is now a “Featured from Our Brands” placement. This is followed by 3-4 paid Sponsored Products ad slots, 1-2 rows of organic results, and a Sponsored Brands Video ad placement (this ad unit sometimes moves up or down from this slot). Then, a medley of organic and paid slots until you hit the bottom, where you get 3 miniature Sponsored Brands ads to bookend the results on the page.

Duracell Amazon Advertising Ad Placements

In other categories, Amazon has introduced or expanded the reach of Whole Foods products within search on Amazon to totally dominate the search experience (Picture 2, soap example).

Soap Ads Placements - Amazon Advertising

In another variant of the Whole Foods competition where there are fewer available private label products, you may see a more traditional looking experience with a few items in the top of search organic positions, but much less intrusive than the soap example (Picture 3, probiotic example).

Probiotic Amazon Advertising Ad Placements

How Does This Impact Your Amazon Search Strategy?

How Can You Mitigate the Impact of a Change in Favor of “The House”?

What Pacvue Tools Will Help Improve Your Competitive Advantage Vs Private Label and Other Brands When Competition’s Heightened?

Use Case 1: Understanding the Impact/Situation

Use Case 2: Improving Efficiency

Use Case 3: Expanding Scale

Finally, use rule-based optimizations or AI to free up your time to do more strategy insights + identify new tests to remain competitive.