The Data is In: Advertising on Amazon Q1 2019 CPC Report

Updated: October 31

A new whitepaper that sheds light on the latest trends in Amazon Advertising

According to eMarketer, Amazon's share of digital ad spend has increased by 29% in the past year. This increased competition drives up the cost of advertising on Amazon and makes it more challenging to execute a profitable marketing campaign.

While Amazon's share remains small compared to Google and Facebook, the eCommerce platform is now the most popular place to begin an online product search. Brands and agencies around the world are finally catching on to the value of Amazon as a marketing platform and, according to our data, this influx of ad dollars drove an average CPC growth during Q1 2019 of 70% YoY and nearly 30% QoQ.

To measure the impact of this trend, we've dug deep into Pacvue's proprietary Amazon keyword tracking database, which includes thousands of ASINs and hundreds of keywords for each ASIN across every major product category on Amazon. Tracking Amazon Advertising data from Q1 2018 to Q1 2019, we set out to answer three main questions in putting together this report:

  • WHY is CPC increasing?
  • HOW will this impact the bottom line?
  • WHAT actions can advertisers take today to improve ROI?

Amazon is the biggest company in eCommerce, the face of online retail and a key partner for brands of any size. This whitepaper, the first of many quarterly CPC reports from Pacvue, will help you develop a better understanding of the competitive landscape of Amazon Advertising and the future of digital brand marketing.

Download the Advertising on Amazon: Q1 2019 CPC Report to discover the key findings of our data analysis and what they mean for you.