Walmart Connect has several exciting updates to its Sponsored Products API. According to the Walmart Connect team, they started with the platform itself, creating an entirely new omni-channel platform that enables their new app and website to deliver on more than shopping – a critical first step in creating a lifestyle app that serves customers’ wants and needs more efficiently. Here’s what that means in terms of customer experience:

Placement Reporting for Auto Campaigns

Placement performance reporting is now available for Automatic Sponsored Products campaigns in addition to Manual campaigns. This report lets advertisers view the performance of Search In-grid, Carousel, BuyBox placements in their auto-big campaigns with a data backfill showing historical performance available as far back as May 10, 2020.

Keyword Based Item Page Bidding

Sponsored Products Manual campaigns have expanded to include Buy-Box and Item Page Carousel placements. Both placements are highly visible and aim to help advertisers increase campaign reach to gain greater Share of Voice (SOV). Some advertiser benefits include greater reach, access to premium placements and more control.

While you cannot target specific item pages with the Item Placements for Manual campaigns you can indirectly influence the likelihood of showing up on certain item pages. You can do so by selecting items you’d like to serve ads on and include keywords from the item page taxonomy, item title and brand title.

Minimum Budget Reduced for Sponsored Products – 3P Advertisers

Walmart has reduced the minimum budget required for Sponsored Products campaigns for 3P advertisers. The monthly budget requirement is currently $100 and $50 for daily budget. Going forward it will be $50 for monthly and $10 for daily.

Bulk Campaign Download (Campaign Snapshot)

The on-demand Campaign Snapshot report allows advertisers with Sponsored Products and Search Brand Amplifier campaigns to export campaign-structure information in bulk. Advertisers can use this information when migrating Self-serve or Managed Serve Search campaigns to a Walmart Platform Partner, or from one Walmart Platform Partner to another. Campaign Structure data is available for in-flight, paused, complete and proposed campaigns.

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