A vitamin brand grew awareness and brand loyalty with Pacvue & Amazon DSP

A modern vitamin brand was having trouble efficiently reaching new users and encouraging brand loyalty with their Amazon DSP program, so they began to work with Pacvue to refresh their strategy, relaunch their account, and utilize the Pacvue tools for Amazon DSP.

After one month of Pacvue’s DSP strategy, this brand achieved...

Increase in total percent of purchases from NTB users MoM
Increase in total Subscribe & Save subscriptions MoM
Increase in total ROAS from the previous month

The Goal

  • Increase the percentage of sales coming from new-to-brand users.
  • Grow subscribe and save subscriptions to encourage brand loyalty.
  • Prevent efficiency and sales losses month over month.

The Strategy

  • Relaunch the DSP program to have a more granular, manageable structure.
  • Expand upper funnel targeting and the number of promoted products.
  • Utilize Pacvue’s automated rules to dynamically manage bids & settings.

The Results

With Pacvue’s advanced DSP strategy and automated DSP management tools, the vitamin brand was able to grow awareness and loyalty while increasing program sales and efficiency as well.