A Personal Health brand achieves 4x increase in ROAS on Instacart


In the first month of using Pacvue for Instacart...

Increase in ROAS
Increased conversion rate
Lower CPCs


A leading consumer packaged goods company that specializes in personal health and wellness products, such as thermometers, face masks, and home scales, needed to reach additional consumers in a cost-effective way. They also wanted to capitalize on the growth in eCommerce grocery, but they knew they needed to rely on advertising to ensure their products were visible in the online grocery shopping experience. The brand turned to Pacvue to help them uncover Featured Product advertising opportunities on Instacart and manage their campaigns at scale.


The brand turned to Pacvue for Instacart, utilizing keyword recommendations, programmatic bid rules, dayparting, and aggregate reporting. Within just one month, they achieved a 4x increase in Return on Ad Spend, by getting more granular with their targeting and bidding strategy, optimizing for the low costs and high conversion rates on Instacart.

Online grocery depends on basket building, and Pacvue helped the brand find common terms where shoppers were likely to add their products to their carts. This resulted in a 38% higher conversion rate.

Finally, they were able to lower Cost-per-Click by an average of 56%. Across the board, the brand is taking advantage of low CPCs on Instacart, where in some campaigns, CPCs are 1/10th the cost of their equivalent campaigns on Amazon.