A Popular Bacon Brand

Popular bacon brand lowered CPCs and increased ROAS with bid optimization and dayparting


A popular bacon brand kept running out of budget before the time of day when they would hit peak daily search traffic. They also needed to ensure they were staying as efficient as possible across non-brand searches throughout the day. To increase ad spend efficiency, the brand set a goal to increase ROAS and keep the average CPC below established benchmarks.


To identify the time-of-day auto and non-brand campaign budgets were being exhausted, the brand used Pacvue’s hourly reports to find out exactly when the budget started to run out.  

Once budget and performance trends were identified, they implemented dayparting rules to establish and maintain competitiveness during peak moments of purchase intent to increase ROAS.  

They decided to test different times of the day to determine better when ROAS were at their highest to be better able to scale investment.  


The brand performed tests twice a day, during the afternoon and evening hours, to see which would garner better performance. The results found stronger ROAS and more efficient CPC performance during afternoon hours. Several months have passed since the test was conducted, and the brand is still seeing higher performance across both campaigns than before dayparting was implemented.

“The Pacvue hourly data reports and dayparting scheduler has been pivotal in identifying performance trends to enhance and optimize our accounts.”