Reckitt Streamlines Cross-Retailer Advertising with Auto Campaign Rules


Reckitt streamlines cross-retailer campaign advertising with auto campaign rules


Reckitt, a leading consumer goods organization, encountered difficulties in consolidating and overseeing retail operations for a primary brand, Enfamil®, the #1 infant formula recommended by pediatricians. Reckitt needed a well-integrated approach to manage their campaigns across Amazon and Instacart. A solution that could centralize and streamline the management of their expanding products, including functions like reporting, campaign management, and day-to-day commerce operations.

Reckitt wanted to reduce manual work and deploy rules-based automation that would free their teams from manually toggling between retailer platforms to monitor success.

Bottom line: Reckitt was ready for a panoramic view of their campaigns and rules-based efficiencies to scale and improve their decision-making process.


Reckitt addressed these challenges by consolidating all their retailer data into one solution, Pacvue’s Commerce Acceleration Platform. This eliminated the need to access multiple portals and provided cross-functional visibility into Amazon and Instacart in one place.

Also, Reckitt deployed a variety of auto campaign rules within Pacvue that automated key optimizations, including improving CTRs, increasing efficiency (ACOS), and adjusting bids to increase sales based on ROAS thresholds.

This gave their sales team the power to make commercially driven decisions rather than manually optimizing campaigns like before. Here are just a few benefits Reckitt found using Pacvue:

Pacvue made it easy for Reckitt’s team to quickly analyze ad performance and proactively solve operational issues across their entire retailer ecosystem.


(October 2022 – December 2022)

Reckitt campaigns for Enfamil®, the #1 infant formula recommended by pediatricians.



By focusing on commercially driven decisions, Reckitt was able to significantly boost their ROAS, sales, and other key metrics across their Enfamil® line within a single, unified solution with Pacvue.