Graphic showing data silos and data democratisation

Data Democratisation

Drive Standardisation and Solve Silos across Retail Media, eCommerce and Omnichannel Data.

What is creating data silos across your business?

Retail Media and Ecommerce continue to explode, but governance and standardisation are still immature. There is no single industry body enforcing consistency, and retailers are not incentivised to collaborate on a universal set of metrics.

This problem is then compounded internally with different teams operating with independent metrics and reporting platforms leading to data silos. Ultimately, this creates an inability to roll up and create a universal view, compare channel/platform performance and make ROI-informed decisions.

Man analysing retail media trends on laptop

How leading brands are driving Data Democratisation

Pacvue’s Data Democratisation campaign is aimed at providing practitioners and leaders with a set of strategic and practical resources to help you:
  • Understand all external data sources coming into your business, from eCommerce, EPOS to AVC.
  • Consider ways to aggregate data sources and create universal KPIs that allow for automation.
  • Reveal which data sources/insight you simply don’t have.
  • Identify and remove or reduce data silos between teams (i.e. Sales & Advertising).
  • Learn how leading brands are restructuring to drive data democratisation; the rise of Customer teams.
Video of Pacvue team discussing the topic of bridging the gap in ecommerce

Bridging the Gap in Ecommerce 

How leading brands and agencies are reducing data silos in Retail Media.

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Data Silos report with actionable insights

Identify and resolve your data silos

Data silos are predicated on teams controlling and isolating data. The first step in solving data silos is identifying them (Deloitte, 2022). Be the data hero with our customised report - helping you to understand and resolve where data breaks exist, where teams and platforms are not syncing and where you are just missing key insight. 

Take our free audit to receive a customised Data Silo Report with actionable insights and recommendations to share with your team.