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Prepping for Q4 and the Holiday Season

Q4 is just around the corner and Amazon sellers should already be prepping for “Turkey 5” (Thanksgiving/Black Friday through Cyber Monday) and the holiday sales season. Adam Hutchinson, Director of Marketing at Pacvue, interviews Nick Young, Co-founder at MarketplaceOps, on some insights and recommendations for sellers as consumers are predicted to begin shopping even earlier this holiday season due to logistics constraints and a global supply chain slow down.

Pacvue Fireside Chat: Will the Holiday Crunch End? Preparing for Year-Round Omnichannel Success

Watch this interview with Blake Kidd, Director of Search and Marketplaces at Rise Interactive, a full-service digital marketing agency and proud Pacvue partner, to learn quick tips about preparing your digital shelf for the holiday crunch and more importantly year-round omnichannel success. Blake discusses the importance of implementing an omnichannel tech solution that brings all your historical data into one place to better help you prepare your brands media management and crush it with increased sales and business all year round.

Automation vs. Manual Optimization

When it comes to automation vs. manual control, our suggestion is to automate your campaign whenever possible to improve efficiency and limit human error. But even with a fully comprehensive automated program, you need eyes on the account regularly to audit for misalignments or opportunities that algorithms cannot see. “There’s no placement for human strategy, but we can leverage technology to save time, and make better data-driven decisions.” Said by Riku, Pacvue’s Account Director.

Why Aggregators Need Ad Tech to Scale

Amazon and direct-to-consumer aggregators like Perch and Thrasio have become a hot new trend in the start-up world, raising nearly $7 billion in combined capital to acquire emerging Amazon sellers worldwide. Some pain points right now for aggregator businesses revolve around the sheer number of profiles and SKUs that these emerging sellers have accrued, many times across a bunch of different locales. And that’s why they are turning to ad tech to achieve goals related to scalability and optimization.