Where Instacart Fits in Your Brands’ Marketplace Strategy



Where Instacart Fits in Your Brands’ Marketplace Strategy


Thursday, March 4


8:00am PST / 11:00am EST

It’s no secret that consumer shopping behavior has changed dramatically over the past year, with eCommerce taking the lead across the board. Perhaps no industry is poised for a greater shift than the grocery industry. Even before the effects of the pandemic, the online grocery industry was expected to grow from 3% to 30% of total grocery retail by 2025, according to an FMI & Nielson study.

Among this acceleration, Instacart is the most rapidly growing marketplace for CPG advertisers looking to get their products in front of consumers. The online grocery delivery service is now available to 85% of US households and 70% of Canadian households.

But where does Instacart fit into your brands’ marketplace advertising strategy?

For this webinar, we’ve invited Stefan Jordev, Director of Marketplace Strategy & Insights at Bobsled Marketing, to help us uncover how brands can maximize growth with Instacart. We’ll cover:

  • Instacart Today  
  • How Instacart compares to other online marketplaces  
  • Set-backs and challenges  
  • Demand generation: Maximizing growth with Instacart’s flywheel  
  • First mover advantage: algorithms & advertising  
  • How to measure success

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