Pacvue's Q2 2023 CPC Report: Your Compass in the eCommerce Landscape

July 18, 2023

How do you stack up? Pacvue's comprehensive Q2 CPC guide, enriched with data from Pacvue and Helium 10, is perfect for brands and agencies looking for in-depth analysis across advertising performance on Amazon, Walmart, and Instacart.

Key Highlights:

  • Amazon: Discover the strategies that led to record ROAS for Sponsored Products since pre-pandemic levels.
  • Walmart: Learn about the platform innovations that helped drive a 124% surge in CTR and a 40% increase in ROAS.
  • Instacart: See how drastically eCPM has grown for brands advertising on Instacart.

To get the full insights, download the Q2 2023 CPC Report today!