For Merchandising Managers

Pacvue gives merchandising teams the tools they need

 to optimize detail page content, product inventory, pricing, and promotions across eCommerce marketplaces.

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Solutions for Merchandising Managers
Unified eCommerce Platform
Set every Product Listing up for Success

Merchandising teams are responsible for more aspects of the digital shelf than ever before, from crafting great detail page content to ensuring pricing, promotions, and inventory all work in sync to drive sales. eCommerce teams need a unified platform to manage their business, with analytics to identify shelf gains and losses, to recommendations for improving performance.

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Pacvue for Merchandising Managers

Improve efficiency in the planning process
with buyers, updating product listings, and ensuring healthy inventory with a total eCommerce management platform.
Marketplaces we serve
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Uncover Omnichannel Opportunities
  • Expand reach with Criteo, CitrusAd, and other marketplace integrations

  • Dive into omnichannel trends and retailer-specific share of voice to make smarter decisions

  • Easily strategize which platforms to allocate more inventory and budget

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retail marketplaces available in Pacvue
average increase in conversion rate
Optimize the Digital Shelf
  • From purchase order to in-stock to winning the buy box

  • Improve detail page performance to maximize sales

  • Drive total sales and improve organic visibility

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More Features

Brand Audit

Craft PDPs that convert.

Make your ad spend more impactful with a fully-optimized digital shelf.

Audit your detail pages and product eligibility status, and compare your score to your top competitors. Evaluate your presence against best practices for review rating, bullet points, images, title length, in-stock rate, and more. Find content that needs improvement, and get alerted to content changes before they become persistent problems.

Inventory Rules

Never miss an Add to Cart moment.

Ensure you’re winning the Buy Box with the right inventory levels.

Monitor the status or purchase orders, and automatically send a ticket to retailers when inventory needs to be replenished. Forecast inventory against sales over time, and make smarter marketing decisions. Automatically pause ad campaigns with low inventory, and reactive them at healthy in-stock levels.

Category Intelligence

Analyze performance across categories.

Uncover keyword trends, top products, and competitors.

View monthly averages for ROAS, CPC, conversion rate, and other metrics at a category and sub-category level and by regional marketplaces. Drill down into top-selling products in each category and their changes in ranking over time. Benchmark your performance against your category, and find new opportunities for competitive targeting.

Retail Media Triggers

See cross-retailer metrics side-by-side.

Pause or activate retail media campaigns based on listing status.

Easily find areas to improve with optimizations, see advertising side-by-side with promotions, and to make smarter budget decisions based on inventory health, profit calculation, sales forecast, and more.

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