Walmart advertising: 4 steps to success

Recorded Webinar:

4-Step Roadmap to Walmart Advertising Success

Atal Patel
VP Solutions, WhyteSpyder


Your brand can succeed on—but you’ll need to refine your strategy to navigate the unique features of Walmart advertising. This webinar provides a simple, 4-step roadmap to winning on and covers the fundamental differences between Amazon and Walmart advertising.

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t clone your Amazon strategy: Walmart and Amazon have different product requirements, attribution windows, and bid options. Walmart uses first-price auctions (the winner pays what they bid), so start low and increase slowly until you hit your KPIs. 
  • Step 1—Be discoverable: Products must be in the top 128 organic placements on a given keyword in order to bid with paid search. 
  • Step 2Optimize keywords: Use keywords with high volume and low competition—and capture more share by targeting keywords your competitors are organically ranking on.
  • Step 3Analyze the market: Build your targeting strategy based on Share of Search. And since competition for Walmart advertising is lower than on Amazon, your ad spend goes further.
  • Step 4Scale spend efficiently: Use bid modifiers to prioritize high-conversion placements (like search), and use dayparting to target high-traffic shopping times.

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