July 18, 2022

9:00 am EDT / 3:00 pm CEST

Amazon Marketing Cloud in Action: Full-Funnel Campaign Impacts

How to convert Amazon Marketing Cloud data into actionable strategies, best practices and strategies to get started using Amazon Marketing Cloud, and more.

Crystal Astrachan
Senior Product Manager – Technical
Amazon Ads
Carlos de Almeida
Senior Account Manager
Francesca Capecci
Sales Director


Key Takeaways


Amazon Marketing Cloud provides self-service access to hundreds of data points to better understand the consumer shopping journey far beyond the last touch attribution model, including inputs from Amazon Ads campaign events, such as impressions and clicks, and an advertiser’s first-party data.  

Join Pacvue for a discussion with Crystal Astrachan, Senior Product Manager at Amazon Ads, Carlos de Almeida, Senior Account Manager at e-Comas, and Francesca Capecci, Sales Director at Pacvue, on July 18th at 3:00 pm CEST to learn:

  • Introduction to Amazon Marketing Cloud
  • New ways to measure full sales attribution and convert AMC data into actionable strategies  
  • How e-Comas uses the data sets available in AMC for Amazon DSP campaigns
  • Best practices and strategies to get started using AMC