How to win with Amazon eCommerce advertising methods

Recorded Webinar:

Future-Proof Your Brand With Amazon

Mike Kazantzis
Principal, KANE
Steve Susi
Partner, KANE


Your brand can win with Amazon—and choosing the right eCommerce advertising methods is key to building your game plan. This webinar shows you how to leverage the full breadth of the Amazon universe, debunk common misconceptions about the online giant, and build a top-scoring Amazon marketing strategy with an Always-On Innovation Cycle.

Key Takeaways

  • Invest in the long game: Go beyond Amazon marketing fundamentals of retail readiness, reviews, SEO, and advertising. Stand-out brands invest in display, sponsorship, and custom creative. 
  • Leverage free tools: Take advantage of A+ Content, brand stores, and Amazon Posts to expand your eCommerce advertising methods without increasing your ad spend.
  • Think Amazon-first: Don’t force-fit your pre-made brand creative for Amazon. From package design to detail-page-ready copy, start with tactics that shine on Amazon, then expand them to other channels. 
  • Build deeper engagement: Focus your Amazon marketing strategy on crafting meaningful customer experiences that go beyond the digital world.

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