September 13, 2023

12:00 PM CST / 1:00 PM EST

Unleash the Power of Amazon Marketing Cloud

Unleash the Power of Amazon Marketing Cloud Webinar with Amazon Ads, Pacvue, and Rise Interactive

Kelsey Illuzzi-Koval
Customer Success Manager
David Setbon
Head of NA, Ad Tech Solutions
Amazon Ads
Blake Kidd
Group Media Director
Rise Interactive


Key Takeaways


🚀Ready to unleash the power of Amazon Marketing Cloud and grow your business?

Discover how we all work together to leverage Amazon's expansive network of data signals within Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) and future-proof your audience strategy.

During this solutions-packed session, leaders from all three brands will delve into how they collaborate to revolutionize marketing strategies in which attendees will uncover:

🛒The unquestionable role that upper funnel and incrementality play in purchases and purchase planning

📈How AMC’s data can help keep brands relevant when matched with partners that know how to pull the right levers

📊Ways to easily action on robust shopper data learnings by utilizing Amazon Audiences

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