Today, we are excited to announce the general availability of Pacvue Commerce. The product is an end-to-end marketplace management platform that enables brands to run their eCommerce business with a single source of truth.

Pacvue Commerce goes beyond reporting to provide recommendations, alerts, and actions, so brands can make smarter decisions. Ecommerce teams now have a unified view into where and when to launch new products, how to avoid pitfalls around Lost Buy Box, and strategies to optimize the digital shelf to maximize sales.

The product was released in beta in October 2021 as the first commerce management solution with fully automated actions. Since then, several global enterprise brands have used Pacvue Commerce to improve their online retail operations and align reporting across teams. Now, Pacvue Commerce is available to any brand that sells through Amazon, with more marketplaces coming later this year and in 2023.  

Built by eCommerce veterans, and supported by an expert team of practitioners, Pacvue is extending the successful approach from its advertising software solution to sales and operations capabilities for eCommerce teams. Features include:

“We achieved unified retail media in our advertising suite over the last two years; now, we’re bringing that same level of innovation to unified commerce management. We built Pacvue Commerce to help eCommerce teams operate in unison, with access to the data, prioritized recommendations, and automation tools they need to work together to grow their business,” said Melissa Burdick, President of Pacvue.

Pacvue Commerce supports the company’s mission of building the future of eCommerce by enabling brands to take action with their retail data and win. The platform brings a brand’s total data together into a unified, end-to-end commerce solution to effectively optimize eCommerce sales, inventory, listings, and promotions for a profitable, retail-ready digital shelf.

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