The acceleration of eCommerce has created a unique challenge for many brands: access to, and usability of, data. From inventory management to buy box monitoring to paid media performance, there is no shortage of metrics to keep track of and improvements to make. Unfortunately, most of this data still lives in silos, and the manual work it takes to share insights across teams can be prohibitive. What’s at stake is lost sales.

Brands need the right tech stack to bring all of their disparate data sources together, spanning sales, operations, and retail media, giving them a holistic view of eCommerce performance.

Today, we’re excited to announce Pacvue Commerce, the total eCommerce solution enabling brands to grow their business across online marketplaces. We’re bringing sales, inventory, content, advertising, and other digital shelf data together into a single software solution.

Pacvue Commerce goes beyond reporting to provide recommendations, alerts, and actions, so brands can make smarter decisions about where and when to launch new products, how much to invest in retail media, avoid pitfalls around inventory, profitability and Lost Buy Box, and ultimately optimize the digital shelf to maximize sales.

Pacvue Commerce is currently in beta and available to a few clients. Stay tuned for more updates over the coming months, but here’s a sneak peek of how we’re helping brands win in the future of eCommerce:

We want brands to take action with their retail data and win. Pacvue Commerce brings all your data together into a unified, total commerce solution to effectively optimize your eCommerce sales, inventory, listings, and promotions for a profitable retail-ready digital shelf.

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