Since Pacvue launched its Walmart platform in early 2020, we’ve seen brands have strong results with their Walmart advertising campaigns. We consistently hear that brands love being able to manage their own campaigns, especially with the assistance of a powerful software solution. Many advertisers are still learning the platform and wondering how to best manage their advertising on Here are some early trends and insights from the first three months of Pacvue’s partnership with Walmart.

Page Type Placement Trends

Device Type Placement Trends

Durable Goods vs Consumable Good Trends

Since Pacvue works with brands that span virtually every product category, we took a look at Walmart paid search data by the type of products that Pacvue clients were selling. Since there are vastly differing levels of competition on between product categories, analyzing the data at this level should help give a better sense of where current KPI benchmarks sit and what trends we’re seeing between different segments of the market. For the purposes of this recap, we analyzed durable vs. consumable goods.

Consumable vs. Durable Goods Page Type Placement Trends

Consumable vs. Durable Goods Device Placement Trends

While this data is based on a relatively small set of advertisers and spend, and only reflects the first few months in partnering with Walmart, it begins to paint a clear picture of how and where advertisers are competing on the platform. Compared to other large paid search platforms, competition is still low on Walmart. Average CPCs are relatively cheap and ROAS has been high for many of our clients. We expect this to change as more advertisers enter the platform. Based on this, we recommend testing out campaigns for your brand as soon as possible, with the goals of benefiting from this brief period of low competition and gaining learnings that will help inform your future strategies. As we continue to gather more data and insights, we’ll keep you up to date on all of the important trends and developments in Walmart’s paid search platform to help enable you to stay ahead of your competition and maximize your marketing performance.