Merkle improved Cisco's ROAS by 22% on Amazon

Executive Summary

Merkle, a global customer experience management company, used Pacvue to help Cisco, a networking hardware company, with optimization and increase ROAS across five markets (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy).

After three months of optimizing Amazon campaigns, Cisco achieved...

Increased revenue
Increased orders
Improved return on ad spend (ROAS)


Cisco needed a more efficient way to manage eCommerce campaigns across multiple markets.

Using Pacvue’s keyword research, rule-based optimization, dayparting, and budget pacing tools, Merkle helped Cisco to increase ROAS on Amazon, and save time on optimizations.


The Strategy

  • Reduce bids during times and days when people aren’t buying the products, such as early morning hours or the weekend.
  • Automatically negate irrelevant search terms triggered by generic keywords.
  • Optimize keywords to boost revenue, reduce waste spend, and improve ACOS.
  • Adjust the campaign budgets according to the campaign performance.
  • Use Pacvue’s keyword research tool to identify additional keywords to expand the existing coverage.

The Results

  • United Kingdom: 73% increase in ROAS, 35% increase in orders.
  • France: 85% increase in ROAS, 42% increase in orders.
  • Germany: 5% increase in ROAS, 23% increase in orders.
  • Spain: 33% increase in ROAS, 13% increase in orders.
  • Italy: 20% increase in orders.

Overall, both revenue and orders increased by 24%, and ROAS improved by 22%.

“The Pacvue tool helped our business to use our budget more efficiently and to improve Sales and ROAS.” - Roberto Lisci, Global Marketplace Marketing Manager at Cisco.