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Selling on Amazon is a constant race, so marketers that want to stay ahead use intelligent automation to scale their Amazon Advertising. Learn why Pacvue is the leading platform for Amazon PPC optimization.

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What is Amazon PPC Automation?

Amazon PPC automation is the ability to manage Amazon sponsored ads at scale using software solutions that automate repetitive campaign management tasks. 

Common features of Amazon PPC automation tools include:

Amazon Automated Bidding

Create and launch PPC campaigns, set target bids, and optimize  performance goals across all of the different Amazon Advertising products. This includes Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Demand-Side Platform (DSP).

Optimization Features

Whether through rule-based automation logic or Pacvue’s AI-powered automation, optimize campaigns for more efficient bids, keyword harvesting, dayparting (time-of-day bidding), budget pacing, negative keyword targeting, and advanced goal-based logic.

External Considerations

Since eCommerce advertising doesn’t exist in a silo, manage campaigns by content performance, inventory levels, and other retail factors, such as total sales and organic position.

Customizable Analytics

With all of your data in one place and software to automate the repetitive tasks, get access to more granular analytics that view data across different factors, allows bulk changes based on insights, and includes automated recommendations.

Why Do You Need Amazon Advertising Optimization?

Managing advertising campaigns is a time-consuming activity. A typical campaign manager’s day consists of  adding new keywords to campaigns based on recent search terms, adjusting bids up or down based on past performance, testing new creative variations, analyzing performance, and much more. 

Unfortunately, eCommerce brings even more complexity to the mix. Ranking factors, inventory levels, and profitability all determine which ads are the most successful, or even able to serve at all! What’s more, many brands may have hundreds— if not thousands—of products in their catalogue, each with potentially thousands of search terms shoppers are using to find their products. The world of Amazon Advertising moves at lightning speed, so the optimizations you typically make on a weekly basis on other ad channels, may need to happen daily on Amazon.

Amazon Advertising automation is about taking the repetitive workload off campaign managers and allowing them to focus on the areas that humans do best: strategy, creativity, and granular tactics to hit unique business goals. At Pacvue, our team of expert practitioners have been paid search and marketing campaign managers for years, so the Pacvue platform is built with end users’ day-to-day jobs in mind.

Marketers and advertisers leverage Pacvue’s Amazon PPC automation to accomplish a variety of goals for their brand. 

Lower Costs

It’s no secret that as Amazon becomes more competitive, the cost of advertising has increased. To stretch your budget further, automated bid management helps you uncover “low hanging fruit” - the missed opportunity of affordable targeting but high returns. 

Grow Market Share

Your competitors on other channels (or even in store) are not the same on Amazon. Know who’s beating you for digital Share of Voice and why they are currently winning. Amazon keyword clustering helps you uncover trends in the data by grouping similar targets, sub-categories, and intent together. Employ a campaign strategy to recapture your position and leave competitors in the dust. 

Increase Sales

At the end of the day, the best tools amplify existing strategy and allow brands to scale. Find, test, and invest in new targets and double down on what’s working best to convert customers. 

Pacvue’s Amazon PPC automation tools can help with all of the above based on your goals. We provide the best tools to empower savvy strategists to hit KPI’s and increase conversion rate.

How to Get started with Amazon PPC Automation Software

Don’t expect a new tool to solve all your problems for you. A poorly defined strategy in a great software solution becomes nothing more than a complex mess. 

When getting started with Amazon PPC automation, begin with what’s already working well. This can include campaigns already yielding sales at an affordable cost or, if you’re new to Amazon Advertising, starting with the keywords with high traffic and conversions from Google or other ad channels. 

At Pacvue, many clients start by running an audit of their current paid search strategy to uncover their top-performing campaigns, keywords, and products, as well as the lowest performers. It’s also a great idea to do a brand audit that will check the detail pages of the products you plan to promote, ensuring they have enough reviews, enhanced content, imagery, and product details to be optimized for conversions. The last thing you want to do is drive traffic to a page where no one wants to buy your product.

Next, implement some simple automation to hit your goals. If you need to decrease costs, focus on pausing expensive keywords and shifting budget to campaigns with high Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). If you need to increase sales on a new product, start with a wide targeting strategy and use Amazon keyword harvesting to automatically find new, similar keywords that you can test. If you’re not sure where to start, Pacvue’s Campaign Tune-Up will provide automated recommendations you can apply to your campaigns.

Finally, utilize the powerful analytics of your tool to uncover missed opportunities and lean more into automation features to test out these new tactics. For example, you may find that specific ASINs maintain a high ROAS even as you increase ad spend. This means you can have more room to invest. Or, you might find that Share of Shelf increases across product lines when you promote your budget-conscious ASINs against your competitors in Sponsored Display campaigns. What’s great is that with an automated solution like Pacvue, you can get insights faster from your Amazon ad performance metrics with less work. Work smarter, not harder.

Grow Your Business with Amazon PPC Automation

Schedule a demo with the Pacvue expert solutions team and we’ll show you our:

  1. Advertising Dashboard: A fully customizable dashboard with over 20 report tiles that can be filtered by tags and shared with team members.
  2. Budget Management: Set up daily and monthly budgets, rules to automatically replenish low budgets, and budget pacing.
  3. Advertising Campaign Management: Campaign set up, dayparting, keyword harvesting, and five levels of automation, from recommendations to AI-powered goal targets.
  4. Reporting: Share of Voice, competitive intelligence, category intelligence, and retail data integration, including sales and inventory data. Automate your campaigns based on retail realities.

Every marketer has a unique set of goals to hit for their business. Find out how the detailed data and precise actions of the Pacvue platform can improve your performance.

I've been in the Amazon space for over 5 years, and I've worked in-house, started my own consultancy, and worked at the best Amazon agencies all on the paid media side of Amazon. Of all the tools I have used, Pacvue is the most intuitive and impactful tool in the eCommerce marketplace.
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