Pacvue for Kroger

Connect with 60 million + households​.

The leading platform to manage Kroger Advertising campaigns.

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Increase sales with Pacvue.

Rules-Based Optimization​

Work more efficiently with rule-based optimization of campaign budgets, products, and targeting.

Share of Voice

Stay ahead of the competition and increase organic search rankings by driving more sales by region.


Schedule ads during optimal times for maximum results with options to pause or enable campaigns, or by bidding up and down.

In-Store Insights

Capture customers across their grocery shopping experience to secure your spot in the basket, identifying SKU sales by region.
Retail Intelligence & Automation
Get Competitive Insights for In-Store and Online

The In-store Insights Dashboard provides visibility into product performance both in-store and online. Pacvue’s proprietary dashboard highlights key insights derived from Kroger’s in-store sales dataset, including campaigns by volume of in-store versus online sales, SKU sales broken out by region, and total sales by region by banner for store sub-brands.

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Execute on Share of Voice Insights

Leverage Pacvue’s customized Share of Voice reporting, broken out by banner for more accurate data regarding regional availability. Share of Voice Insights for Kroger helps to identify when a new competitor enters your category, so you can invest your dollars where they’re working the hardest.

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Additional features.

Scheduled reports
Change history log​​
AI optimizations
Metric based filters
Bulk campaign changes
Budget management

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