Pacvue Holiday Hub
2023 - 2024

The Pacvue Holiday Hub is your ultimate resource for valuable insights, strategies, and effective approaches to boost sales and revenue, minimize errors, and optimize your time. Be sure to revisit regularly to access new blogs, videos, and reports to help support a successful and joyful holiday period.

Insights from Cyber Monday 2023

Dive into the Cyber Monday 2023 key insights and trends.

Insights from Black Friday 2023

Dive into the Black Friday 2023 key insights and trends, featuring record-breaking ad spend, new ad strategies, and the rise of Sponsored TV Ads.

2022 Cyber 5 CPC Report

Dive into the Cyber 5 2022 performance data from thousands of Amazon advertisers in the US, across every major category. Download to see what you can expect for this year’s Cyber 5 weekend across cost-per-click, click-through rates, ROAS, average daily spend, cost-per-acquisition, and conversion rates.

Insights from Prime Big Deal Days

Amazon's two-day Prime Big Deal Days in October signaled the early start of the holiday shopping season. We examined the event's performance, analyzing trends in Ad Spend, CPC, and ROAS by comparing the week before and the event days. The in-depth analysis also involved a year-over-year comparison with the 2022 Prime Early Access Sale and the July Prime Day event.

Have you tried Holiday Keywords?

As we gear up for the holiday season, we understand the challenges of manually researching and selecting holiday-related keywords for your campaigns. It's a time-consuming process that often results in missing out on high-growth keywords that could significantly boost your holiday sales.

With Pacvue’s "Holiday Keywords," you’ll instantly access a goldmine of holiday hot words and high-growth keywords, helping you to make strategic decisions, expand your reach, and maximize holiday sales. Our intelligent algorithm takes care of the heavy lifting for you by analyzing the most popular holiday keywords and their growth rates. This means you can focus on what works best, making it a timesaving, game-changing tool for a successful holiday campaign.

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