Retail Media Advertising

New to retail media? Today’s consumer journey is complex, and your advertising shouldn’t exist in a silo. Learn the basics of scaling an eCommerce media strategy.

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What is Retail Media?

Retail Media is eCommerce advertising within retailer sites and apps, by brands or sellers that sell products through online marketplaces.​ Brands can boost their visibility on the digital shelf and advertise products near the point of sale, increasing conversions.

Why You Need Retail Media

In a rapidly changing retail landscape, a unified approach to retail media can unlock opportunities for efficient product sales, faster improvements to ROAS and other campaign performance KPIs, and the ability to reach customers wherever they shop.

  • Build a full-funnel advertising strategy for every marketplace
  • Uncover cross-channel optimizations to win in your category
  • Target ads based on customer behavior and retail context

The Pacvue Platform

Complete software solution for eCommerce business. Optimize ad campaigns, sales, and the digital shelf in one place.

Enjoy the Pacvue Platform

“Pacvue's platform is a great solution for any CPG brand looking to maximize results for retail media advertising efforts. They are constantly adding additional features and supporting additional eCommerce platforms. At BetterBody Foods we have seen strong success using Pacvue as our primarily SASS platform for PPC advertising on Instacart, Amazon, and most recently Criteo.”

Austin Roper
Director Of Marketing at BetterBody Foods & Nutrition

Brands see an average 40% improvement in ROAS after 30 days of using Pacvue automation.


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How to Get Started

Define your campaign goals

Identify your target ROAS, sales, market share, or new customer growth.

Target the right audience

Select your branded, category, and competitive keywords, or custom audiences.

Set your bids and budget

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Campaign Automation

Act on recommendations

Automate daily tasks and focus on top recommendations to improve campaign performance.

Learn More about Retail Media

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