Maximizing Commerce Potential, Conversions & Profit

Sales growth and media activation

Run a coherent retail media advertising strategy alongside organic growth and other activation levers to increase sales efficiently.

Global Reach, Data & Retailers

Unified retail media

Manage campaigns on Amazon, Walmart, Kroger, and over 90 other retailers. Run Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Amazon DSP, and more.

  • Automation at the level you need it: rule-based logic to build your own strategy or Precision AI built for scale
  • Campaign recommendations you can apply with a single click
  • Templatize dayparting and budget management
  • View performance side by side across retailers
Marketing Insights

Activation with context

Set up rule based logic to optimize your advertising against all of your retail goals, not just ad performance. You can adjust bids, targeting, and budgets for Lost Buy Box, inventory levels, product eligibility, and more. You can also bid based on your paid and organic share of voice for the right visibility.

eCommerce Marketing Expert

Every growth lever

Promotions and coupon management in one place. Ensure your PDPs are set up to drive the right organic traffic, and pull all of these together, so you can stop wasted ad spend and instead focus on total sales growth, while maintaining profitability.

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Amp up day-to-day operational efficiency

Orange Testimonial Circle with Blue Color FilledCheryl Ryan

“By using Pacvue, we can manage all different ad types within one tech platform, rather than doing it manually. It allows us to make adjustments so much faster than we were able to do previously."

Cheryl Ryan
General Manager, eCommerce at Instinct
Orange Testimonial Circle with Blue Color FilledFrank Kochenash

"The Pacvue platform is a performance multiplier for us, helping our teams work more efficiently as well as outperform the competition."

Frank Kochenash
President of Marketplace Services for North America at Wunderman Thompson Commerce
Orange Testimonial Circle with Blue Color FilledSteve Epstein

"The Pacvue tool has managed to keep our team’s spend efficient and one step ahead of the competition"

Steve Epstein
Director of eCommerce at Duracell

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Insights from Cyber Monday 2023

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Insights from Black Friday 2023
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CMO Strategies: Beyond Amazon, the strengths of the top retail media networks — from Amazon to Target
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November 7, 2023
Beyond Amazon, the strengths of the top retail media networks

This report from Glossy’s CMO Strategies series unpacks the strengths of several top retail media networks, some of which are seeing results at pre-pandemic levels, while others are experiencing major growth in performance metrics.

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