Campaign Optimization

Work more efficiently with rule-based automation, AI optimization, and campaign suggestions.

Free your team from what was once a manual process and slow results.

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Campaign Management
AI-powered Campaigns
Automate Repetitive, Daily Actions

Rule-based optimization adjusts bids, keywords, and budgets based on the goals that matter to your business, whether you’re focused on ROAS, sales, impressions, or a combination. AI-powered campaigns keep you moving in the right direction, with alerts to grab your attention only when it’s needed.

Stop Wasting Ad Spend

Lower costs by making every dollar count. Use dayparting with hourly bid boosting to spend your budget when customers are most likely to convert. Automatically reduce bids on keywords that aren’t performing or on products with low inventory. Multiple budget management settings allow you to adjust based on real-time traffic, spend, and performance.

Ad Budget Management
Campaign Automation
Tune Up Your Campaigns

Get automated suggestions to increase bids on your best-performing keywords and move budgets between campaigns. Work more efficiently with keyword recommendations, and make the most of every ad type, from Sponsored Products to Amazon DSP, Walmart Search Brand Amplifier, Instacart Display, and more.

Strengthen Your Keyword Research

Expand your reach with additional, related keywords to increase sales and ROAS using Pacvue’s Enhanced Keyword Research Tool.

  • Conduct research, finding new and related keywords, by inputting a search of a keyword, a product, or an existing Ad Group
  • Filter by match type, keyword volume, trend history, and more
  • Add keywords to relevant Ad Groups with just one click!
Enhanced Keyword Research Tool

How to Get Started

Define your campaign goals

Identify your target ROAS, sales, market share, or new customer growth.

Target the right audience

Select your branded, category, and competitive keywords, or custom audiences.

Set your bids and budget

Bid intelligently with recommendations to overtake your competitors while maintaining ROAS.

Act on recommendations

Automate daily tasks and focus on top recommendations to improve campaign performance.

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