Digital Shelf Optimization

Improve your brand’s eCommerce presence

 with the right detail page content, healthy inventory levels, 3P ecosystem visibility, intelligent pricing, and more. Drive more sales from online marketplaces.

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Digital Shelf Optimization
Marketing Touchpoints
Drive Performance Across Marketing Touchpoints

Every marketing strategy starts with a best-in-class detail page, so you know you can convert the traffic your driving. Then, stand out from the competition with the right pricing, promotions, and advertising strategy.

Win the Buy Box

When multiple Amazon resellers are listing at the same time, suddenly there is competition for which seller will win the Buy Box. Manage the most important variables with highest Buy Box impact to stay on top.

Win the Buy Box
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Inventory Management
Manage Inventory Challenges with Ease

Get inventory forecasts to know when to pause and resume ads, and take action to restore healthy inventory levels

  • Access purchase order history
  • Instantly detect and analyze issues with products, and set rules that send tickets to retailers automatically
  • Monitor until product health status is back to normal to reduce lost sales

How to Get Started

Define your marketplace goals

Identify your target ROAS, sales, market share, or new customer growth.

Ensure retail-readiness

Craft a great detail page, optimize inventory levels, and set the right pricing.

Drive traffic to your products

Spend your ad dollars wisely by promoting profitable products with high conversion rates. 

Act on recommendations

Automate daily tasks and focus on top recommendations to improve sales performance.

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