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Run more effective retail media campaigns.

 Leverage AI solutions to help save your marketing team time and focus on the strategies that drive profitable growth.

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Campaign Automation for Marketing Managers
Retail Intelligence & Automation
Build Better Campaigns at Scale with Retail Intelligence & Automation

Marketers are turning to Pacvue to gain confidence that their products are well positioned online, and campaigns are aligned to their brand goals. Instead of spending countless hours a day on manual optimizations, Pacvue retail automation enables you to make improvements at scale with rule-based optimizations across your entire ad portfolio, giving you more time to plan your brand’s next great digital media campaign.

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Pacvue for Marketing Managers

Pacvue helps brands and sellers expand their retail media footprint
by marketing their products across 30+ online marketplaces.
Marketplaces we serve
Amazon AutomationWalmart ConnectInstacart Advertisingtarget logoSam's Club Mapcriteo logotarget logocitrusad logoeBay logotarget logotarget logo
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Save Time with Automation
  • Run bulk edits for your keyword bids, budgets, and targets

  • Schedule customized reports, and get alerts with recommendations

  • Quick and easy budget scheduling

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hours saved per week with Pacvue automation
ROAS improvement after 30 days
Improve Campaign Performance
  • Run retail media on Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, Target, and more

  • Automate with rule-based workflows to seek ROAS, sales, and other goals

  • Unify ad strategy across sponsored search and display

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More Features

PPC Audit

Analyze performance and take action.

See how your PPC campaigns stack up against best practices.

Identify top performing campaigns and keyword sets to capitalize on, and make improvements to your targeting strategy for increased click-through rates and return on ad spend. Discover which campaigns need to be optimized to align with your business goals, with recommendations to quickly apply bid, budget, and keyword changes.

Brand Audit

Craft PDPs that convert.

Make your ad spend more impactful with a fully-optimized digital shelf.

Audit your detail pages and product eligibility status, and compare your score to your top competitors. Evaluate your presence against best practices for review rating, bullet points, images, title length, in-stock rate, and more. Find content that needs improvement, and get alerted to content changes before they become persistent problems.

Excel Integration

Work your way.

Add the Pacvue XL plug-in to your Excel toolbar directly from the Microsoft Office AppStore.

Automatically bring advertising data directly into Excel, so you can use pivot tables and macros to analyze the data or combine with external datasets. You can also make bulk campaign edits directly in Excel with the integration, and updates will be reflected in the Pacvue interface. 

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Category Intelligence

Analyze performance across categories.

Uncover keyword trends, top products, and competitors.

View monthly averages for ROAS, CPC, conversion rate, and other metrics at a category and sub-category level and by regional marketplaces. Drill down into top-selling products in each category and their changes in ranking over time. Benchmark your performance against your category, and find new opportunities for competitive targeting.

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