Uncover Omnichannel Opportunities

Consumers are choosing to shop a wider diversity of online marketplaces.

Be a first mover, expand reach, and drive sales with the most marketplace integrations in one platform.

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Omnichannel Opportunities
Marketplace Integrations
Diversify Where Your Campaigns Run

Take advantage of efficient CPCs and new-to-brand customers on online marketplaces beyond Amazon and Walmart. Pacvue gives advertisers access to place sponsored search ads and other ad types on 30+ retailers’ websites, including eBay, Target, and Gopuff.

Manage Multiple Platforms Efficiently

Omnichannel management is quick and easy with Pacvue. Bring sales, retail, and ad data from Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, Target, and other marketplaces together in one place. See your campaign performance side-by-side and aggregated, giving you a full-funnel view.

Ad Campaign Performance
Retail Intelligence & Automation
Build a Holistic Strategy

Dive into omnichannel trends to make smarter decisions at a faster pace. Analytics in one place enables SKU rationalization, product allocation, and performance evaluation across channels at the product, keyword strategy, and campaign tag level.

How to Get Started

Define your campaign goals

Identify your target ROAS, sales, market share, or new customer growth.

Target the right audience

Select your branded, category, and competitive keywords, or custom audiences.

Set your bids and budget

Bid intelligently with recommendations to overtake your competitors while maintaining ROAS.

Act on recommendations

Automate daily tasks and focus on top recommendations to improve campaign performance.

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