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Data where you need it, when you need it.

Leverage flexible, robust eCommerce reporting. Bring sales, inventory, pricing, and advertising data together with customizable dashboards.

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Retail Data Analytics
Customized eCommerce Reporting
Save Time with Shareable Reporting

On average, Pacvue automation saves users 20 hours per week. Schedule customized reports to uncover insights faster. Drill down to product-level performance and incremental sales in one easy-to-use dashboard. 

  • Share a read-only version of your custom dashboard and set up recurring reports for your team
  • View campaign, product, creative, audience, and targeting performance in a dynamic dashboard. See trends over time, and get alerts about significant changes
  • Use custom tags to filter campaigns by marketplace, product type, keyword strategy and more
Work Directly in Excel

Automatically bring sales, inventory, pricing, and advertising data together directly into Excel to manage data faster, combine with external data sets, and upload bulk changes.

  • Use Pacvue XL formulas to make informed data-drive bidding decisions 
  • Instantly make bulk changes to your active campaigns, including bids, keywords, and campaign names
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Excel Reports
Retail Business Intelligence
Win with Competitive Intelligence

Nowadays, it’s harder and harder to stay ahead of shifts and grow your market share. Use competitive retail business intelligence to price your product line strategically in your category, or to identify shelf gains and losses.

  • Use the Query-ASIN Graph​ to see the full web of search terms and how products are related to one another​
  • Quickly visualize digital share of voice for both paid and organic placements, by keyword, product, or brand
  • Track price changes across marketplaces and other retailers
Increase ROI with Retail Analytics

Access key retail data to make better decisions based on profitability, total sales, inventory, and more. View daily and monthly performance trends to measure total growth within your business, and share reports across teams from a single source of truth. Explore new audiences, behaviors and trends with actionable retail data from dozens of marketplaces.

Retail Analytics

How to Get Started

Define your eCommerce goals

Identify your target ROAS, sales, market share, or new customer growth.

Track performance across variables

Monitor changes in share of voice, campaign performance, and total sales by product, brand, strategy, and more.

Uncover new opportunities

Drill into the largest set of eCommerce analytics to find gaps in your competitors’ strategies.

Act on recommendations

Automate daily tasks and focus on top recommendations to improve campaign performance.

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