Pacvue has integrated Amazon Marketing Stream to provide more detailed reporting, near real-time recommendations, and faster optimizations to improve campaign performance. Beyond insights alone, Pacvue is among the first to build applications for advertisers to take action with this new data set.​

Now, Pacvue Advertising clients are equipped with the tools to act on hourly performance data, including:

The performance data set from Amazon Marketing Stream is currently available for Sponsored Products campaigns in the United States. Stay tuned for the worldwide release soon, as well as expansion to additional ad products and data sets. ​

By integrating Stream into the Pacvue suite, brands and agencies can now act with more precision than ever before, keeping up with the pace of the Amazon customer journey. ​

“At Pacvue, we believe in the power of enhancing eCommerce teams with technology to help them scale their efforts and make smarter decisions. Amazon Marketing Stream delivers upon the need of advertisers to make near real-time decisions about their campaigns, and we look forward to unlocking even more value with the Pacvue suite of automation tools and recommendations,” said Melissa Burdick, President of Pacvue.​

We’re especially excited to have Stream insights integrated in advance of Prime Day, so advertisers can gain a clearer picture of how their customers are shopping before, during, and after the event. Make sure to catch up on our recent tips about optimizing your full eCommerce business for Prime Day.

Read the full article from Amazon for more information on the release of Amazon Marketing Stream.